The BMX track is located at 5401 Lafayette Street just south of Hwy 237 in Santa Clara. Santa Clara P.A.L. BMX is a Bicycle Moto-Cross program for both girls and boys.  The season runs continuously from January 1st through December 15th, weather permitting.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement.  Must be able to ride a two wheel bicycle.

Striders:  Striders are small bikes without pedals for children ages 18 mos. and up who do not know how to ride a bike yet.  We offer a Strider track in the back for the little ones to practice on.  Striders race on the regular track Tuesday, Fridays and Sundays during our regular racing event.

Spectators are always free!

Equipment:  Just about any two wheel bike is suitable for BMX racing.  Please remove any kick stands, reflectors, chain guards and pegs.   Brakes are required on all bikes.  Please wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, full-face helmets and closed toe shoes when riding on the track.

We have loaner bikes available for a fee , and we have loaner full face helmets.  We ask that you leave a Driver License or similar type of ID when using loaner equipment.

We also serve packaged food, drinks, and snacks at the snack bar!

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